I moved!

Blogs, that is.. I moved to a new blog address!

I just wanted to start fresh, guys.. This blog carries so much baggage from the past that I couldn’t really handle writing here anymore. Besides, I felt like if you followed this blog before, you probably followed it for certain reasons or because of the way I am. And the truth is that I’m just not the same person anymore. I’ve changed slightly, but enough for it to make a difference! :)

So I’m just making this post super short and sweet! If you want to read some of my stuff, go on over to my new blog, Goober Girl’s Life. It’s not THAT much of a change, so it’ll be pretty easy to remember! I honestly can’t wait to get back to writing posts, and I hope I can pick things up where I left off with some of you!

That’s all! TTYL.

Guess this is the END of this phase of my life, huh? ;)

Goober Nut’s Thoughts?

Daaang.. This blog’s kinda died. xD It’s been a couple months now, and life’s just been busy you know?

As a quick update, here are some new things you might be interested to know.

1. Didn’t do cross country this year. Thought I should get in better shape and strengthen my legs because they’d turned into jello after being in bed for almost 4 weeks. Thought it would be awesome to NOT get injured the first week of cross country. Thanks xD

2. Thinking about doing sprints and some throwing this year for track and field. I haven’t been running consistently, so I dunno if I can do distance. Haha, also, I learned last year how much of a nightmare distance running for track is. Gahhh! Anyway, the sprinters said they’d take me! So hurrah! :)

3. I haven’t been able to get to the post office in forever because I moved pretty far away from it. I say that to the Girl in Orange. Sorry, M. (cough.. spoilers for everyone, I guess. xD) Sorry for not replying to your last email, too! I feel uber bad, because I opened it, decided I’d reply later on, but never did because I had a butt load of essays to work on for English. Oh life. xD But gurrlll… I’m so sorry. Really, I’ve been putting off replying for a while because it’s been a pretty long time since you sent it and each time it just gets worse and worse because I haven’t replied in so long. But yeah. We’ll find you a Doctor Who loving boy soon. ;)

4. I’ve joined a non-profit organization at my school! It’s called Hugs for GhanaAnd as part of their volunteer work, I get to tutor kids at a nearby elementary school! LOVE IT THERE. It may be 2 hours of my life helping kids with math, but getting to just stare at those adorable faces without looking like a total creep?? I’ll take it. The best thing is when they give you a hug and ask you to play games like “Fire in the Jungle” with them. SOOOO FREAKING CUTE. <3

5. Joining the chess club. I went last week with my friend, Shannon.. She played with me in such a way that was so fun.. And after that, all I wanted was to play chess. So I bought a chess board when we went to the mall after seeing The Book Thief on Friday (SUCH A GOOD MOVIE. YOU GUYS NEED TO SEE IT!). Then played, like, 11 games with my sister’s friend’s daughter, who’s pretty good IMO. Won all of them. xD READY FOR CHESS CLUB TOMORROW. :)

6. ….I promise I still work out and try to eat healthy (at least 4-6 servings of veggies a day; yogurt bowls in the morning; trail mix, Luna bars, and fruit for snacks) but for once I feel like it doesn’t rule my life anymore. This year feels so much different from the past 3 years in that I don’t care much WHAT my body looks like, I’m just flaunting things no matter what. Maybe it’s because healthy living has become such a habit of mine that I don’t have to think much of it anymore– and now I’ve just stopped stressing over my weight, how my body looks, my mile times, how much I can lift, etc. I’ve found other places to invest my time in– going out, talking with friends, all that jazz. :)

6. A certain somebody got me into League of Legends. Now I’m obsessed. And I feel like I’m gonna be digging myself a grave when I say this, because the Girl in Orange– the Girl Who Waited for my emails– danggit.. Haha! xD She’s gonna want to know why I haven’t replied to her email when I’ve been spending hours of my life playing League. All I can say is, Girl.. You need to try this game out. You all do, at least just so you can play with me. Because I’m lonely, but still willing to play alone and signing up for random matches with bots. xD My username, you ask?


Always. <3

If you’re looking for me on some website, look for that username first. 99.99% of the time, it’s probably me. Unless somebody’s actually made a fake account somewhere.. In such an instance, I’d become proud of myself for getting someone to care about me or like my blog name THAT much. xD

Anyway, now that that update’s done with.. I was thinking about something..

This blog’s kinda died because I don’t feel like I have the energy to recap what goes on in my daily life anymore. I mean, school? No thanks! :P So I was just gonna start writing here.. Like, REALLY write. Some free-form poetry that I was thinking about using for spoken word poetry someday. Then some diary posts.. And yeah. Just because I still want to call myself a blogger, guys. XD And because it makes me sad that I’m not as close to a lot of my bloggy friends as I used to be. <3

Anyway, hope you’re all doing good!

Homecoming Week 2013

Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, even though I promised ’em. Homecoming week was just pretty hectic, especially with all of the work that my teachers assigned to go along with it… xD

Anyway, we had themed dress-up days, like I brought up in this post, here.

Monday was PJ day..

Tuesday was Mime Day

Wear black and white, they said..

Wednesday was Tourist Day

Like the shades I got when I did the Color Vibe run a few months ago? ;)

Thursday was Bizarre/Mismatch Day

…you get it. xD

And Friday was Spirit Day (PURPLE, SILVER, WHITE!) to get everyone pumped for the homecoming football game later that night!

The spirit assembly was awesome on Friday. There were games so that the audience could have some interaction with it. There was dancing, cheers led by our cheerleaders (duh), and lots of screaming to get some spirit into their “Spirit Can”… xD Don’t ask.

I think my favorite parts of that assembly were seeing the barbershop perform and the extremely bizarre relay race that they had going on.. In said relay race, the football players had to throw baguettes through a hula hoop that their coach was holding. After that, kids had to get some toy cars all around two cones set at the other side of our basketball court/gym. Then some other students had to ride a UNICYCLE around those cones!!

…then teachers had to carry trays of croissants around the cones. (Picking up on the carby French theme yet? lol, our homecoming dance’s theme was A Knight in Paris — because we’re the Kamiak Knights..) then once they did, everyone had to eat all of the croissants.

You could tell that everyone participating in that race was having fun– especially our principal, AKA the man with the ‘stache, who was doing it as a one man theme. He came PRETTY close to coming in first place, but I think the tray of croissants got him in the end.. Oh poor Mr. G. LOL. xD


The football game that night was pretty awesome. I spent time with mi amigos..

..I got to watch our amazing showband perform..

THEY ARE HUGE!!! Got some awesome amigos there, too. Like Shannon, my home dawg. Who said she’s curious about my blog, so I’m wondering if she’ll see this shoutout, haha. xD YO, HOME DAWG. LOOK AT THE PEOPLE IN THIS PICTURE. ^ They’re not moving, so they’re actually watching! Haha, told you people love you guys!!

..AND, of course, the football game was pretty amazing as well. We won 49 to 7. The crowds went wild and of course the Spirit Can was out and actively being used. Our dance team was also pretty bomb (can’t believe I’m actually friends with some of them.. they’re star-striking!). Just gotta feel bad that the opposing school wasn’t getting as good a show as we were. x


On to the actual day of homecoming itself.. Wow. That is all I can say. WOW.

It was pretty hectic and exhausting, but it was all fun and worth it in the end! Spent a few hours getting ready with my best friends (curled 2 girls’ hair for the first time and I didn’t burn either of them! I think some applause is called for here..) and after being done and feeling sorry for keeping the one date that our one friend had, we went downstairs and started taking pictures.

My homecoming group. Check out dat ladies man in the middle. ;)

Those are my favorites, but there are certainly more on Facebook and whatnot. xD

After the pictures, we moved on to the Macaroni Grill to have our fancy little dinner!

Me and Alexa– AKA the first best friend I made at Kamiak!

We were THOSE loud, obnoxious teenagers at the restaurant that night.. But oh well, we had lots of fun! :)

We pose pretty for the pictures.. But in no way are we poised and graceful and dainty in real life. My gosh, my carboholic XC girls demolished the free bread. xD 3 loaves consumed mostly by 2 girls. You can see the culprits handling the bread above! LOL!

My friend, Jordyn, drew me. xD

I think my funniest memory from that night is the one that has to do with these water bottles..

Keeping things anonymous here but still wanting to share the story, one of my friends got her period early and so she was really desperate for a tampon, right? (okay, this is pretty TMI but it was a serious situation at the time!) So we went through dinner ignoring it because the first day is supposed to be light anyway, so it wouldn’t have been too bad. But later on, we needed to use a public restroom because she has the bladder of a squirrel (which is my quote.. just saying!) and I noticed one of those tampon machine/dispensers in the bathroom.. So of course I’d tell her about that, and we got excited until we realized that it only accepted quarters.. So the two of us and the two other girls with us looked in our little purses for quarters, but we only came up with two. I had some one dollar bills, but there was no quarter machine, you know? So I told my friend, “hey! maybe we can buy some water and just use the change with that, because the machines often charge some obscure price, like 1.50 per bottle.” So I bought a bottle of water for $1.75.. But we were still a quarter short. So she bought one too and we got the whole dollar! (yay!) And by this point, all four of us were excited about the dollar in quarters. My friend ran to the dispenser in the bathroom and tried to shove it in… but to no avail. We tried it for 15 minutes and nope, it wouldn’t work and we headed out… And saw another dispenser by the sinks outside of the family bathrooms. Then that one ate our quarters.

In the end, we wound up with two bottles of water that we really didn’t need and no tampon. It was such a huge, collective effort and about $3.75 was spent on a cheap tampon that we didn’t even get in the end… And because we were all aware of how weird and desperate we were doing all of this, we just laughed the entire time.

I think it’s because of that episode that I got really excited when we found this jar of coins while emptying our cabinets..

lol, I’m carrying spare change with me from now on. xD

As for homecoming itself? Lots of good, clean fun and good, clean dancing. Haha, of course they had that “Everybody Clap Your Hands” song and the “Cupid Shuffle” play at some point, but they also just had some really awesome music to dance to! I saw this one guy who’s in my English class this year (and last year, too!) dancing so.. uniquely.. and I never would have thought he would have that in him and I was just stunned and amazed. Seriously. I can’t even describe that dance.

And then during the slow songs, I could take a break from my killer heels, get some air, or do some “interpretive dancing” with my friends. Because you all know that interpretive dance looks good with slow songs. ;) I know this seems really lame for somebody who went alone to say, but I’m honestly glad I didn’t have a date. At some point I thought this one guy was gonna ask me and when it hit me that I might go with a date, I realized how stressful and un-fun that would be for me. Like, I’m just not a dating or “boy” person. I’m honestly just not mature enough for that right now. Besides, I wanted to get the chance to goof off with my friends a lot and go places without having to check in with a date. But that’s just me! Hoping that I’ll be date-free for the next few years, although maybe for prom on senior year…? Haha, we’ll see!

The dance ended at 11 P.M., and although I really wanted to go midnight bowling with my friends, I couldn’t. I had to hit the sack since it would be this little goober’s 1st birthday party the next day. :P

But I think I got all the partying in that I needed! By the end of the night, I was super tired from all the dancing, fist-pumping, and jumping that I did. xD I didn’t go to homecoming last year, but I’m pretty glad I did this year, with my best friends. Man, I’m glad I met them, or else I probably wouldn’t have had that much fun without them!

Anyway, gotta get going bc I’ve got some homework to do and some posters to make! Nighty night! :)

Homecoming Week: PJ Day (Monday)


First day of homecoming week and it was a blast!

Today’s dress-up theme was PJ day. I totally forgot to take a picture of myself before changing out of my PJs today, because I was in a hurry to go on a run (5 miles, babeh!) right after school, so I’m sorry!

Haha, but here’s a picture of my Spongebob PJ pants…

Wore it with a black tank top and a navy blue jacket (was about to type in “chaqueta” there! lol, oh brain… try thinking in one language, por favor). Let your imaginations run wild. ;)

Speaking of going on a run after school… Here’s some sad news for me. Because of the three weeks I spent in bed, not really doing anything, my legs turned to jello and the fever just took everything out of me. For a while, all I could do was walking DVDs and I couldn’t even use the elliptical at the gym because it was too hard. My endurance sucks and I’m just really weak right now and trying to work my way back to a faster speed and longer runs. Like on my 5 mile run today, I had to stop several times to catch my breath and walk for a bit.. Which is just disappointing for me because I NEVER used to stop. I’ve just got a “go-go-go!” mentality when it comes to running and now… ehhh. :(

That being said… I’m not doing XC this year, but I AM trying to get in shape for the next few months so that I can join track! It’s some of my teammates’ last year at this school because they’re graduating as seniors this year, and I want to be able to spend some time with them before they go off to college! So even though I really really don’t like track, I’m joining it this year to see them kick butt and have fun with them.

….not to mention the fact that my coach gave me distance spikes for track last year.. Heehee. :P

Some good, “cute” news, though? 

At the beginning of my [HOT] run today, I ran by an old man going for an afternoon stroll.. Because I’ve been raised to believe that you’ve gotta respect your elders and acknowledge them if they look at you, I said, “Good afternoon!” as I got close to him. In reply, HE said, “You’re looking good!”

…I died a little inside from how adorable that was. GAHH! xD

And I know this post is really short and kinda sporadic… But that’s everything interesting about my day. Haha. :) That and we finally closed the deal on the new house we’re getting. Other than that, I’ve done a Powerpoint, signed up for some hours to practice being a student trainer in the weight room at school, spent two hours on Algebra 2/Trig. homework, and opened a pack of [REALLY NICE] multi-colored pens… A life of adventure and excitement, ya know? ;)

Anyway, nighty night people! Happy Mondays to all. <3

First Days of Sophomore Year

*English accent* ‘Ello there!

Please excuse the dorkiness– I just went to the movies with my friend, Mikayla, to see the new Mortal Instruments: City of Bones today!

SO so good!

I swear, everything I’m watching these days stars people with English accents.. It’s becoming a problem, because I’m starting to really want one. An accent, I mean. And it’s quite bad when I’m thinking in British terms, saying “bloody” and “bloke” in my head a lot. Yeah… Moving on…

This past Wednesday was the first day of school for me! I got up bright and early (*cough*…er… when it was actually dark and gloomy.. Dang you, Washington weather.) to head to school early so that I could get my schedule, give some teachers from last year some bouquets, and then help my friend, Sita, with her hand-out-free-candy-with-cute-little-sayings-on-them-to-make-the-first-day-memorable (especially for the freshmen..) project/idea!

Despite the fact that we had a ton of extra candy left by the end of the day, I think it was a success! People smiled brighter (or just smiled.. lol, you know how it is in the mornings..) and happily took the candy I handed out at one of the entrances to the school. It was fun! :)

…And I know that it’s only the beginning of the school year, but I can already tell that I’m really going to enjoy it. My classes are awesome. Here’s what a day will look like for me for the rest of the year:

Period 1: World History

Period 2: Algebra 2/ Trig.

Period 3/Homeroom: Biology

Period 4: Spanish 2

Period 5: Sports Medicine


Period 6: English 2 Honors

I know I’m gonna learn a lot from these classes and my teachers are all really nice! I have to admit, though, that I think my favorite classes this year will be Sports Med. and English 2 Honors.

I mean, for one thing, those are just subjects I really love. For another, I really like the people in those classes. I’m pretty sure that if I’d stayed in WHAP (World History AP), I would’ve enjoyed being with the people in that class, too, but ahhh.. At home, when I’d have to study and do work on my own, it would’ve been a nightmare and I probably would’ve isolated myself from my friends and family to do all of it– therefore becoming even less social than I am with my World History classmates at the moment. But hey, it’s only the first week of the school year, so things could change with how I interact with the people in my classes as the year goes on right?

I guess my problem right now is that I’m just shy and maybe everyone else is, too, which is why they won’t talk to me… *sob* haha. :P

But HEY. Even if I do run into some Negative Nellys –or people who don’t like me “just because”.. it happens to everyone–  I’m pretty sure I’ll be A-okay! Because, I mean, I’ve got my best friends at school! And some familia.. ;)

Me and my two lovely nieces at my sister’s wedding this year! Love them so so so much!

..AND some teachers who think I’m spiffy enough to be nominated for homecoming court this year. xD

I’m pretty honored to be on the ballot, although I’m pretty dang sure I’m not gonna make it past that. For one thing, they used my real first name — which even a lot of my close friends forget a lot of the time. LOL. For another, they TOTALLY spelled my last name wrong.

…okay, fine. It’s just one letter. Haha, but I’m still gonna raise a stink about it because I find it pretty funny. If, by some miracle, I did make it onto the homecoming court and they called the name they put on the ballot forward, I’d just sit there until one of my friends (it’d probably be Alexa or KiAnna.. xD) pushed me forward and told me to go up to the stage. To which prompting I’d respond, “THAT’S NOT ME. I don’t know WHO ______ NovAnario is!” And then they’d give me an annoyed look and I’d walk uncertainly to the stage.

Seriously, that’s how I’d do things if it happened. But as things turned out, I didn’t even vote for myself or see my name on the ballot the first time I looked. So good luck to everyone else!

With the start of the school year, I’m really just glad and excited to have some structure back in my days and work to do in the evenings. I like working out after school and then getting a really wanted, good night’s rest because of a long day of doing stuff. I like going up and down the stairs and walking all over the place! I also like signing up for clubs or opportunities being given around the school, like the non-profit, student-run organization that some friends and I were invited to join a few days ago!

..It’s just good to be back in school, you guys. And even though I haven’t had the perfect start and am separated from my Period 2 English Honors Familia and my first lunch buddies from last year, I know that things will get better and more fun!

I really can’t wait for this coming week! HOMECOMING WEEK, YO.

Haha, stay in tune for the next few days for some updates, vents, thoughts, and some OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) for our homecoming week themed dress-up days! :)

Happy Sunday, and have an awesome week guys! :D

Final Days of Summer 2013

The past couple of days have been pretty dang awesome. In my opinion, it’s been an ideal Labor Day weekend, which just about much makes up for the 3 weeks I’ve spent stuck at home with a fever. xD


This day was spent first running all over the place to run some errands with la madre. Had to get ready for meeting up with some friends at a local library to make posters and package candy that we were gonna hand out on the first day of school AND get ready for a barbecue I was attending for my period 2 English Honors familia from last year.

I bought 3 large bags of candy for the library thing ($24… ouch. lol! I can’t believe candy costs so much) plus some candies I’d already packaged when I was sick…

Nothing else to do, you know? So why NOT package? lol xD

..and then baked and brought some homemade Oreos, cookies, and watermelon (chop! chop!) to the barbecue.

The three hours spent in the library were pretty dang fun, considering what me and my friends were doing. I got to catch up with everyone and hear about what they did during their summers and I got plenty of hugs to make up for the ones I couldn’t give or get when I went to orientation and saw my friends.. I was left hug-less and still sad then. :(

But that’s all in the past now. I spent awesome time with awesome company, doing something good for the school! We’re pretty dang determined to make the freshmen’s first day awesome, and we really hope they feel welcomed! My freshman year was awesome because all of the people from the older grades were super nice and welcoming.. It’s good to try to pass that positive energy forward, spread it around so that the future classes of Kamiak know that it’s a good school, love it, and then try to keep the school as positive, warm, welcoming, and fun as they can. :)

My friends and I are trying pretty hard, especially since this year’s seniors — the most warm, welcoming, and positive bunch I know! Although I’m sorta biased because it’s a lot of my cross country buddies. xD– are graduating at the end of the year and I really don’t know if we’ll be able to keep Kamiak as nice without them. Fingers crossed, though! ;)

I personally can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m gonna try to be up by 4:30, ready by 5, prepping my lunch and snacks and eating breakfast, and probably out the door by 5:30 or 5:45– at the school by 6! :) Which reminds me, I need to head to Trader Joe’s later to pick up some foodstuff and some bouquets for some teachers from last year. Like, two, really. Two women who I look up to very much. Ahhh, okay, can’t wait!

Anyway, time to move on to the barbecue from Saturday with my period 2 English Honors familia! (that’s what I call ’em, and it’s a mouthful. xD)

3 words to sum it all up: IT. WAS. FUN.

We had awesome food..

Mike’s shoveling fried rice into his mouth.. Can you not TELL that the food was great? LOL

Awesome company..


And we just had a lot of fun doing whatever popped into our heads!

We watched High School Musical because some people had never seen it before, watched the sunset…

..or TRIED to. There was much dancing on the ledge and just standing in my way involved. lol, but it’s not like I was looking at the sun head-on anyway, so I just took pictures of them messing around. xD

..eating, listening to one of my newest podcast obsessions (they put up with so much for me.. lol xD), and then watching Les Mis because some people hadn’t seen THAT, either!

With 3 choir kids and so many Les Mis enthusiasts in the room, you can bet you got, like, a surround-sound effect going on. With every. single. song.

Ahaha, I felt bad for some of the people who’d never seen it before. We had to turn subtitles on and turn up the volume really loud for them, and yet it only encouraged the people who’d seen this movie and loved it to sing even louder.

…funny how that works, eh? xD

Anyway, I really missed these folks and their wild shenanigans. That class, no matter how hard it was, was my favorite class of the day because it meant that I got to spend time with these people. They’re wild, hilarious, and the nicest bunch you could ever meet. I made my very first friends in that class and we’re still a tightly knit group. I love them to bits and pieces, and we’re gonna have to have more of these bonding things in the future because I’d hate for all of us to part as high school goes on. Thankfully I’ve got classes with quite a few people in that class, so.. yeah! I’ll still get to spend time with each and every one of ’em, but it won’t be the same now that we’re not all together in English: Suffering together, but still managing to find a way to laugh together. :) <3

Skipping Sunday because it was a family barbecue and I was the only person under 18 (not counting the dogs.. heehee) there! Although, speaking of the dogs, some wild things ensued at that barbecue.. Not gonna lie. xD


The earlier part of this day was pretty normal, aside from the fact that I woke up at 10 A.M. PAST 9 A.M.?! That’s just crazy for me. xD

Anyway, I ate breakfast, worked out, showered and pampered myself (ohmylord, I can see face masks in my future for tonight. I need that kind of self-love, lol xD), ate lunch, and then did some random birthday-surprise stuff for my friend, Alexa, a One Direction fan. Her birthday was a month ago, but she was in England and I never gave her anything so…. I’m planning something wild. lol, I just need a cake-pop pan, different colored frosting, and some rubber cement glue…

ANYWAY. BACK ON TOPIC (whew. I’m rambly today..). Yesterday, I went to my first bonfire!!! :D

Picture stolen from my friend and former lunch buddy, Melanie. The girl in the blue shirt, lol. :) I’m the other Asian in the lower left corner. Excuse the weird smile.. I was half laughing at the time. xD

It was so much fun! I know I’ve been saying that about everything so far, but it was. Just bear with me!! :D

I brought some skewers and some marshmallows to roast on them, although I don’t think I enjoyed em as much as I saw everyone else did! Haha, instead of hanging around the fire pit for most of the time, I walked all over the beach with my friends!

We walked to the dock a lot, which is kinda weird, but it’s kinda calming being surrounded by the water, you know? And just rocking back and forth…. It reminded me of being on a cruise ship earlier this summer– an experience that I only see as positive and really awesome, therefore the feeling of rocking on that dock was  pretty comforting for me. :)

That is, until my friend, Will, was like, “Hey Katie, hold my phone for me will you?” with his sneakers and socks off. At first that threw me off and I was just like, “sure..” and then he took off his shirt..

..and he jumped into the water. Which must’ve been like 55-60 degrees cold!! Then he swam to shore, me and my other friends laughing and in shock for a while.. I swear.. He’s like a hyperactive 5 year old sometimes. You can’t leave him alone to his own devices for a second or he might get bored and light something on fire or get stung by a wasp. xD

Met him in health class last year.. You meet a lot of interesting people in health, just sayin’. :P

ANDDDD in addition to all of that craziness, I saw one of my closest friends at school get asked to homecoming!!

We initially thought that we were meeting up with a friend at the lighthouse, but they told her to keep on walking down the path. I followed, because I had nothing better to do and I was already there. Well, being the only one who wasn’t “in on it” at the lighthouse while all of this was going on, Sita got my “OHMYGOSH”-es and my squees and my other reactions. She loved the surprise and she loved being with all of her friends. She ALSO said she loved my reactions. So there. Next time you wanna squee, go ahead and squee. Apparently it’s cute. xD

But seriously, these two… So adorable. Apparently she’s gonna have to shop for another dress now that she’s got a date to homecoming, so you can bet I’m coming with! Hehe, I was at the “Asking” after all!

I just love romance in my friends’ lives and seeing them be cute with their “beaus”.. Haha, romance just makes a girl so happy and I love to see my friends happy. :) They’re so much more cute and beautiful when they’re happy. (and none of them read my blog, so I get to be as sappy as I like.. ;) )

Anyway, that’s all just a taste of the craziness and fun that ensued in my day yesterday! There was still much more fun and bonfire-y stuff– enough to make my hair and my jacket smell like fire and smoke for days. xD but the smell is kinda reassuring and makes me smile..

Can’t wait for more bonfires in the future. This was just way too fun. :)


Anyway… THAT’S my weekend! I love it a lot, thinking back on it, because I was never the type to go out a lot when I was younger. I was the kind of girl who’d just stay at home all the time and barely socialize– I’d just talk to my mom all the time. It’s kinda like I was trapped, but I was content with it, if that makes sense. But now I’m free and learning to be free, and I know now that it’s not that scary– it can kinda be fun. :) (don’t worry though! I’m not jumping off of any docks or lighting things on fire or doing anything illegal anytime soon. or ever. haha :) )

I had a blast, and this is pretty much my last day before school starts! Ahhh, 4 A.M. tomorrow.. Oh life. xD Oh SUMMER. Where have you gone?! It’s like just yesterday I was on the cruise ship.. Or running with my visiting family.. or going to New York to see my first broadway play.. or gardening with la madre.. or sleeping over at my friend Jordyn’s house and getting hooked on Doctor Who and Sherlock on BBC.. or doing a summer run with the cross country team and playing capture the flag at the park..

Haha, you know what? I may not have been able to do everything I first set out to do this summer, like run my 300 miles and hang out with a ton of friends, but I did have an awesome time all the same. Summer 2013 was a blast and it’s something to beat. You can bet I’m gonna miss it, but I guess it’s time to get schooled, yo. ;)

Signing off for now,

Katie xoxo <3

The Fever is Finally Going Away

Ahh, I feel so good right now! Kinda foggy-brained because I may have gotten too much sleep (drinking tea now), but I’m starting to feel WAY better. Haha, I’m on my second round of meds–the first being antivirals and this round being antibiotics– and I honestly can’t wait to stop popping pills in the morning and evening. All those chemicals are SO bad for your body. :/

I can’t wait to have my body strong enough to where I can depend on it to fight sickness on its own again. I can’t wait to have salads again, because I haven’t had one at all throughout my 3 week rest/suffering period. lol. The thought of eating raw greens, let alone ANY veggies — even roasted string beans! (which I’d loved so much just days before!), sickened me so much and pretty much the only veggies I got in me were kale chips from Trader Joes. $3.99 per pack, but it was like.. I wasn’t eating any other veggies anyway, right? So might as well!


I think I KNEW I was starting to get better when I had my usual meal of some protein (usually shrimp) and brown rice..

1278347_10200502713791784_746505738_n (1)

..and then decided, “I want some steamed okra topped with sweet chili sauce with this!” because that was the first time I actually WANTED to eat vegetables in weeks. I still wasn’t strong enough to cook the shrimp and rice myself, but I could microwave-steam the okra and dump sauce on it, no problem! ;)

And then came yesterday. Which was THE MOST AWESOME DAY I’VE HAD IN THREE WEEKS. One, I got a workout in. It was nothing intense, obviously.. lol, I popped in a Leslie Sansone DVD and “walked 3 miles” and then did this workout on Pinterest.


At first glance, it looks like no big deal. And to be honest, it’s not SUPPOSED to be a hard workout. In my usual shape, this workout would’ve been no big deal. But ohmygoodness, my starting-to-recover body had the toughest time with it. I had to stop and lie down several times during this workout, between exercises, to calm down because my heart felt like it was going insane. Like, I had a hard time going from the high knees straight into squats WITHOUT a weight.. So it was definitely humbling, but it was also nice to feel like I was challenging myself again physically– not just lying down on my bed or on one of the couches, letting my body waste away and turn to goob. Man, it’s been a sad 3 weeks. xD

After the workout, I had to take a shower, obviously. I’m just one of those self-neat freaks who can’t handle staying sweaty and gross for a long period of time. I just can’t! Haha, but since JUST taking a shower was gonna be a little boring and because I was worried about all of the chemicals I’ve already been putting into my body lately, I decided to do some little tests.. I did my regular routine in the shower, but I tried extra virgin coconut oil as a conditioner and after the shower, I tried using extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer.

The coconut oil kinda made my hair greasy and motivated me to “walk 5 miles” with Leslie Sansone today so I could take another shower, but my parents were actually kinda into it. Weird, but they said my hair was looking dry and the coconut oil made it look glossy or something. (Thanks a lot, los padres. xD) So I’ll probably continue to do it, but more on days when I’ll be spending time with family instead of being out and about with friends. xD The extra virgin olive oil, though.. That stuff is the bomb. Better than ANY face cream or moisturizer I’ve used in the past! There’s a certain part of my face that just dries up all the time (it’s around my eyes) even when I use lotion or moisturizer. When I used the olive oil, however… It stayed moisturized! Not dry! Normal and non-flaky for once! :D Definitely putting a recommendation on using olive oil for moisturizer out there.. 

And I’m thinking of starting to use lemon as a “shampoo” or some sort of scalp cleaner in the future.. a nanny of mine tried that out with me when I was younger and I felt fresh after! lol :) It’s worth a try. Definitely cheaper than regular shampoos.

And the last of what was the best day I’d had in three weeks? Well, second to last, anyway…

I cooked my lunch/post-workout meal myself AND ATE VEGGIES:

This is today’s lunch but yesterday’s was a pork loin chop, roasted asparagus, and brown rice..


Whole Wheat Zucchini Banana Bread

I may post this recipe soon… Because it was the bomb! Even without walnuts, but that’s only because we had none! haha, otherwise I would’ve walnutted all over the place! *mindouttathegutter* :D

It was just so awesome to be back in the kitchen… I’ll be back today, in fact, because there’s a certain barbecue I’m going to tomorrow… With a certain English Honors 1 class that I love so dearly… My second period familia. <3 lol. :) I’m psyched! To see all of them and to bake again today! And then chop tomorrow. Some watermelon. i’mnotgoingcrazyaxemurdereronyouguys.. ;)

I’m thinking homemade Oreos.. Because I’ve found that to be a really good success with them (and Mrs. Bowker! lol! :D) before!

Anyway, it’s gonna be a good day! :) It’s gonna be a good week, even though school is literally starting on Wednesday. xD But I like my schedule and I’m taking Sports Med, so life is AWESOME!

More updates later on.. Maybe tomorrow? All I know is that I really want to get back into the swing of things soon! And I have a really important thing I need to tell you guys– kinda depressing, but oh well.. It’s life and it’s a little thing so I shouldn’t complain much. :)

ttyl! xoxox,


Get Your Rest (Sick in the Summer)

Ahhhh… Sorry for not having written in a while. I have a pretty valid excuse, though..

I’ve been sick. Like, bed-rest sick. Like, I-don’t-know-when-I’ll-be-able-to-work-out-again and I-feel-like-poop sick.

So so sick. And I’m sick of it. xD

Been ranting and blabbing about it on my Twitter for a bit:

sick tweet

Because I’ve literally got nothing else to do. I pretty much just lay on the couch all day, watching TV and taking naps. It’s so boring.. I have no life. :(

If I’ve learned anything from this thing, it’s these two things:

1. Don’t take your health for granted. Because when you suddenly lose your health or something… It just sucks because it feels like you’re so out of control. And I hate it, but I’ve been doing what the doctor’s prescribed and I’m taking my meds.. Hate that I’m putting all these chemicals in my body, but if it’ll get me closer to feeling better and on my regular routine sooner, then it’s worth it. It means getting closer to health.

2. When you’re feeling overloaded, go ahead and just STOP and rest. This all started right after my sister’s wedding, which was one of the best weddings I’d ever been to! However, it’d also been a really physically and emotionally taxing day after what had already been a pretty hectic week. A hectic week = a bad outing-to-sleep proportion = a weakened immune system… I don’t know where I could’ve contracted a virus, but I did! And because I was so tired and my immune system was in limbo… BOOM! Fever! So lesson here? GET YOUR SLEEP. Please. :)

Anyway, just stopping by to let you guys know that I’m alive. xD Hope you guys are enjoying your weeks! For you work-goers… Almost Friday!

Haha, have a good day! :)

Family Visiting for a Wedding

Hellooooo there!

Anyone notice how less frequent my posts have gotten? Haha, that’s because I’ve got family visiting and I’ve spent most of my time with family these past few weeks.

There’s my lovely sister from New York…

And my uncle and aunt..

Because we’re preparing for my other sister’s wedding, I’ve been spending LOTS of time with these two,  extremely fun sisters as well..

That baby smells sooo good… I think the “cute-fumes” have gone straight to her sister’s head and driven her crazy. xD

..since their mom (my sister-in-law –brother’s wife!) is the wedding organizer for my sister’s wedding.

Sooooo much family time and so much going out and eating out that there’s no time to blog! Except for now, while we’re taking a break and watching a soap opera. Once it’s over, we’re gone! BOOM BABY. :D

Today’s been a pretty ideal day for me. LOVED it.

Started out with an early morning run on the trails near my school with my uncle and sister.

The weather was soooo amazing. Sunny and 68 DEGREES! SIXTY-EIGHT. WHAT.

Haha! We did about 3 miles, nice and easy..

They loved it so much that they asked if we could do it again tomorrow morning. Tomorrow it shall be some of those same trails PLUS a big hill that we run all the time during XC season.

Sure, they were already sweating and panting with the trails I took them on today.. No, I don’t hate them and I am trying to kill them. In fact, taking them on a run that’ll exhaust them is my way of showing them that I love them! Haha, I loved seeing them sweat and struggle and I loved the look on my uncle’s face when I told him we ran 3 miles today. He was beyond ecstatic and I loved being a part of that. So YEAH. The plan stands. ;)

Haha, after the run, everyone ate a snack..

My snack.. Hehe, zucchini bread, blueberries, and PB. Yumm. <3

..showered and got dressed and we all drove down to Seattle to go to the Pike Place Market.

It was pretty nice there today. Not TOO crowded because it was a weekday. I showed my sister the gum wall that’s in the alley below the market..

Still as gross as ever. The smell of bubblegum emanating from the walls is just.. Disgusting. :P

We walked around quite a bit and shopped.. Mostly for food. Haha, I’m part of a family of foodies– no wonder! ;)

My lunch.. Wheatberry and Kale salad and had a cup of kale and chorizo soup soup on the side. :)

We walked around for about 3 hours and it was great! Seeing the old stands and the new ones popping up…

And then all of those street performers, of course! :D

I just love the sounds of a busy market. Can’t wait to be licensed in December– I’ll be down there SO often! Haha :)

Anyway. the soap’s done and we’re heading to the mall to return a pair of shoes my sister bought for the wedding… I hope to be writing again soon! But if not.. Oh well.. I’ve still got quite a few days ’til school starts again. :)

Happy Monday! :D

A Day in the Garden

I’ve spent most of today in the garden with my mother.

Right now I’m kind of taking a break while she’s outside, watering the plants.. Hey, I’m pooped and’ve been the one doing most of the heavy lifting today. Most… or maybe all. ;)

Haha, I don’t mean to brag, but I think it’s pretty darn cool that I can lift a bag of compost without having to drag it on the ground. It’s like all that time in the gym is more useful than just for good health and being able to carry the heavy groceries up our stairs (our kitchen and basically everything else is upstairs.. Our downstairs is comprised of a bathroom, a little living area, one bedroom, and then our garage)!

LOL, this is the woooorst! Sometimes my dad likes to lock the door to our garage from the inside, too. *sigh*

 We added some new, mineral-rich soil to help some of our flowers and other plants grow stronger for next year. We added compost to the soil of our apple tree, blueberry bush, and lemon tree… And that’s about it. But we’ve spent hours out there, just bathing in the sun.

One time, while I was digging, I either dug this little guy out OR scared him from his hiding place among the leaves of one of our hydrangea..

Such a pretty little guy! :)

It’s pretty fun to just get down and get dirty. Gardening is no joke and after a couple hours, my mom and I were both sweating pretty badly! Haha, but we’re both enjoying it and I’m glad I kind of get to learn my mother’s “ways”. I really hope that someday I can tend to a garden as well as she does! All that matters, I think, is that I have to actually care about those plants as much as she does… And should try not to get lazy. ;)

Anyway, I better get off and help my momma out!

Hope you’re all having a really great Monday!