Zoi Yogurt Oats

Good morning! It’s Friday today, meaning the weekend celebrations are about to start! :)

I woke up bright and early this morning, at around 6:45 A.M., but I’m not sure why and I’m hoping to get in a good nap like I did yesterday. Of course, once I’m well-rested, it’s time to get to work on the tiniest amount of work I have from school and get started on putting together my package for Foodie Pen Pals this month. I have another 2 days to get my package in the mail, so I definitely have to work on it today!


I’m not usually an oatmeal kind of girl, but this morning, they sounded just good to me! After microwaving some oats for about a minute and a half with water, I poured a little bit of 2% milk in and mixed some Zoi Greek Yogurt in.

Loving free swag! :P

I got this yogurt for free when I did the Big Climb a couple of weeks ago, and my review for it? It’s probably better for a dessert-type of thing, because wow… It’s sooo sweet! If you’re into that, cool. I just feel that maybe this yogurt was sweetened a bit too much.

It’s okay, though, because even though the yogurt was really sweet, it was also extremely creamy and made the bowl of oats pretty good. I loved that creaminess– flat-out adore it! Maybe I won’t buy this honey flavor again, but I’d be willing to get their plain Greek yogurt if I ever find it. :) Anyway, today’s bowl of oats…

-1/2 cup of oats

-1 container Zoi Greek Yogurt

-some protein powder (this yogurt didn’t have much for Greek Yogurt)

-chia seeds

-wheat germ

-organic frozen blueberries


Doesn’t look amazing or anything, and I personally think that the extreme sweetness of the yogurt kind of took away from the overall taste (who wants to just taste straight-up sugar?), but I think it’ll hold me over for a few hours– maybe long enough for a nap until I wake up and get myself a post-nap snack. :P Oh well, you can’t win them all, right? :)


Since my mom has work today and won’t be home until 1 P.M., I’ve already got my workout planned for today when she gets home. Today I was thinking about doing this circuit workout from Courtney’s blog (I know.. Almost all of my workouts are hers.. I’m sorry, but she’s good!) after doing some work on the treadmill.


I’m kinda psyched, because it looks like fun, and I can’t wait to try it out later on! :)

My mom’s leaving for work now, and it’s time for a nap with the house super quiet and all to myself. ;) Have a great day everyone– the weekend’s right around the corner!

Source: Uploaded by user via Alexa on Pinterest


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