Don’t Say Goodbye

If you asked me for one thing that I was done with at school– one thing that I just felt was completely useless now, since we’re graduating so soon, I would have an answer ready. It’s an answer that I’m truly behind, 100%.

I. am. done. with. DRAMA.

I hate the fighting, the gossiping, and the “backstabbing” that’s apparently going on in the grade right now. To be honest, I’m not involved in any drama right now. I’m just the listener-slash-mediator between people’s problems, and I hate seeing how extremely dumb things can tear some friends apart.


We have about a month left of school, and I can’t believe that some people choose to spend that time left together by fighting instead of creating some last memories. After all, once we all graduate, we’re going all over the place. Some people are moving out of state, and we’re all just going to a bunch of different high schools. I’ve only been attending my school for four years, but in those years I’ve made a connection with everyone I go to school with, and I can hardly hold in tears every time I think that we’re all probably never going to be together in one place again. I can’t imagine fighting with anybody now, because I don’t want to lose them before we’ve even had the chance to say goodbye..

Maybe it’s not the end, though. Maybe we will have a reunion eventually.. I might even help arrange it! ;) A junior high reunion.. Imagine that! My literature teacher attended this school and had one, too, so why not us? :D


Besides, when you’ve got friends that are worth keeping, why not do so? I’m already planning trips that my friends Hope, Jordyn, Mikayla, (and maybe Nikki if I ask Jordyn and Hope and Nikki wants to :P I make no plans without asking!) and I are going to take together when we go to college/move out/graduate from high school/ have jobs! We’re planning to go backpacking through Europe– and then at some point my friend Jordyn and I are going to be living in New Orleans, going to Mardi Gras, and just live the dream! It sounds funny and childish right now, but it’s good to dream, and knowing my friends, we’re going to make those dreams come true someday! :)

So I guess that graduation doesn’t necessarily mean “goodbye.” I’m being overdramatic, I’m sure, and even my dad tells me that it’s the childhood friends that are usually the best and easiest to keep if you really try.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Your friends from this time know you at your best, worst, and horribly immature moments. I’m definitely going to miss certain people and the stuff they’ve done to make my days better than they would have been without them! These people have made the time fly by! ;)

Never-ending piggyback rides– all-day, all the time! ;)

It’s not the end for all of us. In fact, things are probably just getting started. Why end things– why choose to say goodbye when things are so much better when we’re all together? :)

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Oh Disney, you teach us so much.. ;)


Today was a really fun day! The weather hit somewhere around the 70’s or 80’s today, and because of that my Science teacher let us out early for first period. She brought us to the upper field at school, where we could just hang out and enjoy the sun for a bit– 10 minutes to be exact! Haha, that’s when I took pictures of the boys giving each other piggyback rides and took this picture with my Hope-y-kins. :P

This girl forced me to balance a pencil case on my head throughout religion class today, while we were watching The Cure! It’s a sad movie, and totally inappropriate to be messing around with, but it was a serious test of my posture and balancing skills. People took notice and told me it was cool– I don’t disagree. ;)

One of the most memorable parts of today would probably have to be another thing that happened during Science class. First period is definitely a party with the fun teacher we have! Haha, one of my classmates, Alex, decided to make friends with my teacher’s gecko today. He took the little guy around, let everyone try touching it, and even got one of our friends, Bradley, to kiss it! Eventually he put the gecko down while we were correcting papers, and the next time he picked the little guy up, it pooped all over his arm and his folders! I was right next to him when that happened, and it was just the funniest thing! I think that the best part of it was when my teacher said, “Alex! You scared the crap out of it!” lol.. Punny, punny teachers.. ;)

At P.E., we also played capture the flag on the upper field, so I guess you could say that we made good use of all that sunshine! :) I tried to run a ton while playing that game, but I’m just not the fastest and could only tag a few people. My method for playing, though? Run smart if you can’t run fast. Whenever people came to our team’s side of the “battlefield,” I’d block the safety zone and someone else would try to come in from the side so that they’d be trapped.. It worked a few times. ;)

After school, we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and after that and speaking to my older sister, Celine, on the cellphone, I went to the gym. My sister told me about how she’s running a half marathon this weekend and went on a run this morning.. She kind of made me want to do some running today– a long distance one (er.. long for me, anyway!) since I haven’t done any in a while. For the first time in my life, I ran more than 4 miles on the treadmill!

I tried to make the time pass by following these two 3-mile-ish routines that I found online.

First up:

3.5 Miles, HIIT style ; routine from Kristin’s blog.

Part 2:

5K Challenge routine; courtesy of Tina! :D

Both left me tired and sweaty today– exactly what I was hoping for, and the time just passed quickly, especially with my favorite podcasts to listen to! :)


After the gym, I had some fruit and cottage cheese, yes.. I was still hungry, though, and made one feast of a dinner!

I made meatballs out of all of the lean, italian seasoned Jennie-O ground turkey, and after cooking it fully, I cooked it a bit more with some spaghetti squash and cherry tomatoes..

I ate that with some roasted vegetables (sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli) that I dipped into some honey mustard, and I also had some more fruit on the side! :D

Goodness, am I loving the warm weather! When we went to the grocery store a while ago, we saw a ton of nectarines, peaches, and apricots for sale– you can bet we grabbed a ton of fruit, and I can’t wait to have them over the week! :D Tonight’s fruit were the old, reliable favorites of mine, though.. Apples and cantaloupe.

I think I’m so obsessed with cantaloupe, because I’d stopped eating cantaloupe for long enough that now I’m just absolutely can’t get enough of it!! I’m sorry, but you know me and my food kicks… They can’t be helped. ;)

Anyway, that’s about it for today! No short, simple Friday Favorites post, but I got to get everything off of my chest, and that feels sooo good. :) I know I had a good day, setting aside a few issues, and I’m really glad that I have the life that I do right now. I’m so lucky that I don’t have to worry about so many things, and I’m so thankful that I live such a calm, happy life.


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