What I Ate Wednesday #4

Today was exactly what I needed.. So relaxed, and we (my mom, and uncle) just went to the Everett Mall to check some stuff out– 75% sale at Bed Bath and Bodyworks, if anyone needs some lotion and whatnot! ;)

Basically just walked for 5 hours, checking out what stores had to offer, and even went to Bed Bath and Beyond, where I went crazy with taking pictures of cool stuff I found around there.. Posted more pictures on my Instagram than I have in a while, just saying! :P

Anyway, because I’m just rambling now.. Let’s move on to the eats! :D

Breakfast– 10:30 A.M.

Woke up late this morning, because I’d slept late last night reading and watching movies.. I had a bad craving for protein pancakes.. I also wanted to get some veggies in, though, to start the day off with clean eating. Why? Someone snacked all night long through the movies and reading, and this morning her tummy and basically everything didn’t feel in tip-top shape.. It was like a junk food hangover, and it was horrible!

That’s why I made some banana vanilla protein pancakes using this recipe, and added some spinach and kale in the food processor, too.. I swear, I didn’t taste it! Banana’s flavor is way too overpowering! It’s just like how you don’t taste it in shakes– no veggie taste, just the cool green color. ;)Had some fun with the toppings, and had it with 2% plain greek yogurt, more bananas (mashed and spread on top!), sliced almonds, agave syrup, chia seeds, and some almond butter!I woke up later than usual, so I guess that should sort of explain my huge appetite this morning despite having snacked the whole night through… right? ;)

Lunch– 12:30 P.M.

Now that it’s summer, my eating schedule is kind of messed up and I find that I’m starting to keep myself busy more and more by spending time in front of a screen– T.V. or laptop. That’s obviously not good, but we’ve been going out a lot, so I’m getting a little bit of activity in everyday anyway.. Before heading out with my family to Everett Mall, I had the last of the chicken salad we got from Trader Joe’s on a sweet potato, mixed with some plain “Just Chicken” and 2% plain Greek yogurt, because the amount of chicken salad we had left was puny, and that’s one way of bulking it up! ;)I also had some fresh fruit on the side.. Berries are pretty big around the house right now, and last week we bought a pound of blueberries + more than a pound of cherries, so we’re all just trying to work our way through those babies..It was a good lunch! :D

Dinner– 5:30 P.M.

Huge time gap, isn’t it? For me, 5 hours is a long time to go without eating when you’re awake and active, and that fact is a little bit sad.. Oh well, I was hungry and had to eat earlier than usual when we got home, so I decided to just make a quick salad, toast a bagel, and call it good!

But then.. What if you were so hungry that you hunger drove you a bit crazy, though? I’m not talking tear-the-refrigerator-door -off-its-hinges-to-get-some-food-in-my-belly like I usually am crazy.. I mean, that you have a hard time thinking.. rationalizing.. deciding what to have for dinner.. I knew that I wanted to have a salad tonight, but I didn’t know what dressing to use; and, just like I always am when I’m extremely hungry, it seemed crucial that I made the right decision tonight..

Well, since I was way too torn between the two dressings and already poured them out into those “thingies” (I have no idea what those little bowls that hold condiment are called!), I just decided to dip and/or pour each of it to different sides of the salad so that I got the different tastes separately.. I’ve got a problem, I know.. Please don’t try to fix me; it’ll end with both of us pulling our hair out! :P

Back to details of food, though.. Salad today had:-6 oz canned tuna-3 cups mixed arugula and spinach-roasted veggies (brussel sprouts and zucchini)-sugar plum tomatoes-feta cheese

After dinner snack– 6:00-7:00 P.M.

I was still hungry after dinner– something that happens a lot.. Why is it that most of the time I can go through the day without eating much, and then suddenly become raging hungry at night? Seriously, that’s when my snacky-snacky, hangry side comes out! (as in “hungry rage”? I dunno, I’m fishing for words, here! lol!) Anyway, tonight I decided to go for something healthier than what I’ve been reaching for lately.. Instead of reaching for a bag of peanuts/trailmix/cereal (no matter if it’s whole grain!), I decided to make myself a mini-meal like dessert/snack.. Nonfat plain greek yogurt, 1 large apple, ricotta cheese, chia seeds, cinnamon, wheat germ..  

Yummy and definitely going to be enough from keeping me from snacking all throughout tonight! Or.. that’s what I thought..

Evening Snack– 8:00-8:30 P.M. ?Trying to be good to my body.. Craving less-than-good-for-you snacky stuff, so I’m trying to teach it to want healthier stuff. Frozen peas are easy, pop-em-in-your-mouth food, so it’s a pretty snacky food as far as vegetables go.. :)Sweet and pops in your mouth! Better when it’s slightly thawed, I’ll tell you that. ;)


I hope you all enjoyed my eats, and maybe you guys got some ideas, like say.. The green protein pancakes. ;)

I like to have fun with what I eat, and foodstuff hardly ever grosses me out (unless we’re talking about those jelly beans that taste like  detergent and paper towels and whatnot!) so if you’re not freaked out by the color and actually find it fascinating.. GIVE. IT. A. TRY.

You’ll love it. ;)

Anyway, with that, I’m signing off and saying goodnight! Happy Wednesday, everyone! For many students right now, this means that summer vaca’s almost here! Wahoo! :D

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5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #4

  1. Hey it’s me again! What’s your instagram name? I’m somehow too stupid to find you and the link just.. well links me to my own profile, which sucks haha :-D (I realized that I should take more pictures via instagram :( )

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