First World Pains + Specialty’s + Palomino

Guess what? The hotel we’re staying at has no free wi-fi.. Oh the tragedy! #Firstworldpains

Kind of a pain in the butt and makes it harder for me to post tonight, but thank goodness for 3G and today’s technology! Who would’ve thought of wireless internet and whatnot 30 years ago? I am blessed.. ;)

Of course, I can’t really complain. Our room’s pretty sweet..


And I heard that the place has a sweet fitness center! Can’t wait to hit that up! :)

After checking in and getting settled at our hotel rooms (I’m roomies with my uncle! He’s like my second dad if you guys want to know– lived with us for 10 years ’til we moved to the US) we wound up walking around a bit and got lunch, because my uncle and I hadn’t eaten and it was 4:00! Don’t worry, I had a protein shake and tablespoon of PB before leaving the house, so I wasn’t starving, per se.. ;)

But anyway, we went to a cafe near our hotel called Specialty’s..
As well as being a cafe, it’s also a bakery, and it also serves vegetarian dishes.

The menu was huge– so many options..


The atmosphere bright, and the servers friendly..


And the food was amazing.. *sing-songy voice*


I ordered their Hot Roasted Veggie sandwich, and it was really good! I hardly ever order vegetarian dishes, because it’s like there’s always something missing from them for me, but this sandwich.. OMG. Plenty of goat cheese and the veggies were marinated in I don’t know what, but whatever it is.. It works. ;)

Definitely hoping that we can stop by there again tomorrow morning.. I want one of their breakfast sandwiches! :D

After eating, we went shopping for a bit– or at least I did! We went to H&M and I got a few things there, but I’m returning at least half of them tomorrow. I didn’t get to try on anything, because the lines for the changing rooms were looong! I’m okay with it, though.. My wallet will welcome some of that money back.. ;)

After trying on the clothes at the hotel and waiting for a bit, we headed out again and went to a restaurant-slash-cafe called Palomino’s in the City Center. I wasn’t exactly hungry, but I wanted to try a couple of things on the menu, so I split a salad with my Mama– the Maple Marinated Chicken Salad


We each ended up getting a huge serving, both of us only able to eat half of it!


But that salad had a ton of goodies.. Candied pecans, pecan-crusted blue cheese, grilled chicken, pears… When I saw it on the menu, I knew that I just had to have it, and I wasn’t disappointed! :D


For my entree, I had their rotisserie pork loin:


The menu’s description sounded so tempting:


I didn’t want to give up the experience of having that and the salad, so like I said earlier.. I’d split the salad with my mom, had half of this rotisserie pork, and my sister took the other half in a doggy bag. :)
I ate all of the asparagus and some of the potatoes, though, so it’s not like I skimped..

It was just a sharing night for me. ;)

Now we’re all extremely stuffed and just hanging out in our rooms.. The lack of wi-fi is really bothering me, because I actually brought my laptop, and now I’m just using my phone to write this post… Gahh.. :/

At least I brought DVD’s, so I can just use my laptop to play ’em. I’m not even going to spend a lot of time online for the next few days anyway! Maybe just Instagram and these posts? Haha, there’s gonna be a lot of walking, shopping, eating, and hopefully.. Gym-ing! ;)

Anyway, I’ve gotta go now.. All of that food’s putting me in a coma state, and I’m ready for bed! Night everyone! :)

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