Friday Favorites #9

Hey, everyone!

Kind of multitasking right now.. Watching the Olympics on TV and eating this deliciousness..

More on that in a second. ;)

Let’s get started with this week’s Friday Favorites post, although I’m sure that nobody’s going to be reading this until tomorrow. ;)

Favorite Grub:

Tonight’s dinner..

Roasted veggies, some stir-fried mixed veggies, and 3 oz. of Trader Joe’s Carnitas.

I’ve been eating a ton of veggies at my meals today.. I think I’m craving ’em because I ate so badly yesterday evening!

After getting home from Hope’s place, I was so tired that I didn’t really feel like prepping veggies to cook them and stuff, so my mom took me to Starbuck’s and I got a sandwich there..

That wasn’t enough for me, though, so I ate a ton of cheese, nuts, and cereal last night to try to quell my fierce hunger.

Needless to say, those foods made my body feel like crud today, and the veggies felt like they were detoxifying all of the bad stuff. :)

I think I’ve learned my lesson! ;)

Favorite Vaca Spot:

Santorini, Greece..


I’m planning a trip to Europe with my friends, Jordyn, Hope, Mikayla, and Nikki, and this is one of our destinations. Crystal clear blue water, open blue skies, and the amazing sunsets we’d see.. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait!

There’s just something so romantic about that view and sunset. I think we’re going to be here for a month or something..

The trip’s supposed to happen when we’re in college, so we’ve gotta start saving up now! ;)

Favorite Funny:


I LOVE Despicable Me! It’s so cute and funny! :D

Favorite Sweet Treat:

Yeah, so.. I finally tried out one of Sarah‘s recipes, and it turned out a great success!

I asked her if she could make a recipe for a chocolate-y bread loaf using coconut flour, and she seriously delivered! Although she posted a slightly different recipe for a Coconut Cherry Bread loaf, she told me what modifications I could do to make it a plain chocolate bread, and it is GREAT!

It’s really about as close as you can get to bread. It’s really dense, bounces back when you pinch it, and it tastes so good with 2% plain Greek yogurt!!

I love it so much that I’ve already had 2 slices.. ;)

Must remember to control myself, though, because I don’t want to regret making this. :P

(130 calories per slice, about 9 g carbs, 11 g protein, and 4.6 g fat)

Favorite Truth:

I swear, you’d think that people already knew this..


..But I guess people just can’t resist it with me being 4’10” and all. Even people who aren’t that tall can use me as an arm rest!  ;)

Favorite Advice:

Must keep this in mind when in high school..


Don’t want to get caught in the drama that’s caused by gossiping. That stuff’s just stressful!

Favorite Purchase:

My mom and I went to Trader Joe’s today, because we were running low on some stuff.

We saw these..

..And we just couldn’t resist getting them.

They’re so cute and fun! Look how tiny these grapes are compared to regular ones!

I’m way too excited about this. It’s kind of embarrassing. :P

Favorite Cuties:



Haha, if anyone’s going to do some saving, it’s probably gonna be me! ;)


That’s about it for tonight! Talk to you all tomorrow.. I think I’ve got a treadmill workout to post and whatnot. :D

Side notes:

1. This is my first time watching the Olympic Games, so that’s why I’m so excited about it.

2. Hey, Sarah! Guess what? My mom ate the chocolate bread, too, and she loves it. :)


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11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #9

  1. Hahaha. I’m short too. I am about 5’3. Short but mighty, right?

    You’re going to Greece? Can I come? (: Or just make a stop to Japan instead.
    I have always wanted to go to Greece. I really want to visit Italy and Finland too.

    • Oh my gosh, haha! I actually really love my shortness. Best part is when I lift people who are taller than me and they’re like, “Where did that come from?” ;)

      Going to Europe on our second year of college, I think, and we’re going all over the place! I know that Paris and Italy are there, too. Some places in Germany, and it’s gonna be fun! If you’re free 6-7 years from now (LOL!), you should tag along. :P

    • Haha, I still think about that night whenever I put this shirt on! So much fun! How are you gonna top it for the second movie? ;)
      I’m just sad that the picture rubbed off.. But. It’s still REALLY awesome. :D

  2. Yeah!! Soooo excited Katie!! :) I am sooo glad it turned out great and that both you and your mom loved it!! Of course, you know I will be sharing this post with everyone! ;) Plus the pics you added to it just seal the deal!! Thank you for sharing the recipe with everyone! Have an awesome day!

  3. Love this post and love your blog!!! That loaf looks heavenly and deeeelicious, and your dream trip you’re planning sounds epic! Can i be a stowaway?? I promise I won’t take up lots of luggage space haha ;)

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