Food From Japan..

Hey everyone!

I wonder if any of you have noticed that I haven’t talked about Foodie Pen Pals in a while..

I mean, I’ve participated a ton in the past! Check out these posts to check out some goodies I’ve gotten before! :D

Foodie Pen Pals 1: April (My first try of pb-filled pretzels, apple honey butter, and tropical salsa!)

Foodie Pen Pals 2: May (Coconut PB Spread? Organic candy bar? yum!)

Foodie Pen Pals 3: June (yummy natural bars from a local food co-op!! :D)

The reason why I haven’t brought it up lately is because I didn’t sign up this month. Instead, I did a food switch with Christy, the writer of Lift to Run. To see what I sent her, you can click here. :)

If you read Christy’s blog, you would know that she’s in the Marines and is stationed in Japan right now.


How cool is that? :D

I had to take advantage of that fact, and asked her to have fun with the package. I was hoping she’d send me some fun, unique Japanese treats..

I wasn’t disappointed. ;)

Wowza! Look at all that food!!!

So many little goodies, and I’ve already snacked through half this package, but saved some because I know that my niece, Nikki will want some when she gets back from New York. A few of these foods are old favorites from when we used to live in the Philippines, and they brought back some good, old childhood memories. :D

Here’s a list and description of the products I got:

-a Hello Kitty, shortbread + strawberry dip snack– sort of like Yan Yan, if you’ve ever tried that!

-buckwheat noodles –yummy when cold to make some Asian pasta salad and also good for stir-fry dishes!

-a chocolate orange-flavored SOYJOY bar (my fave!! :D)

-a marathon energy Snickers-flavor bar (have yet to try, but am saving for a candy bar craving. ;) )

-tiny chocolate chip cookies/biscuits

-Philippines’ Dried Mangoes

– a grape flavored jelly drink

-2 little Ube (purple yam) cakes

Like I said, I’ve had a few of these treats before, but others are things I’d never had the chance to try! I’m sorry for my off-ish list, but I neither speak nor read Japanese (am thinking of taking Spanish in high school, anyway..), so I had to rely on my own descriptions to give certain products a name. ;)

This package was a lot of fun, especially because of the wide array of foods! Thanks to Christy for all the goodies! :D

If anyone else wants to contact me and do a food switch, just shoot me an email, and we can make it happen! ;)

I think I’m definitely gonna have to sign up for August’s round of Foodie Pen Pals, though… It’s a really fun program, and I love meeting new bloggers through it!

New bloggers = new friends? I hope? Haha :)


Anyway, that’s about it for today! I hope this post filled with fun food and pictures makes up for my long, picture-less post this morning..

[How dare I do that?! How dare I make you read? ;) ]

Hope you had a great day! God Bless! :)

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