What I’ve Learned From Best Body Boot Camp

As most of you know, I signed up for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp program this summer.

It’s my first time doing it, and I’m really glad I joined this round!

The documents that Tina sends out are so thorough that you’re basically walked through the whole week’s workout schedule. She covers every single detail! All you have to do is sit back, read through everything, and it’s like you’ve got a personal trainer putting everything together and teaching you. Also, if you ever do have questions regarding exercises, you have the chance to ask them on the Facebook group page she made. There, everyone else following the program can give you some feedback. That group is pretty awesome, because it’s a reliable source of information, encouragement, and motivation. You can meet all sorts of people in different stages of their life and fitness, and there’s always someone willing to help out. :)

This has just been a ton of fun so far, and I hope I stick to it for the long run– not giving up halfway through because the newness of it goes away. (if I do, verbally smack some sense into me, please! ;) ) Some people have warned that this might happen as we move into Phases 2 and 3, but to keep me interested and loving to hate these challenging, sweat-inducing workouts (TMI? sorry! ;) ), I decided to talk about some things I’ve learned from the program so far. If I’ve learned this much in just under two weeks, imagine what I can after 7 more! :D

1. It’s okay to switch up your weights during a workout– even if it means going down some.

No duh, right?

Well, I’ve only trained with a few trainers in the past, and most of them had me either working on machines (which I kind of hate..), using small equipment like medicine balls/kettlebells, or just doing body-weight exercises.

Because of that, it never really clicked in my head that since some muscle groups are stronger than others, you use more/less weight depending on what you’re training. I used to train with 10 pound dumbbells for all my exercises, then got super frustrated when my form was horrible– especially when doing shoulder moves. That’s what happens when you take on more weight than you’re ready for! I’ve learned to suck up my pride and go WAY down for the sake of form, and I’m a lot better now because of it.

Many thanks to a question someone asked on Facebook about switching up weights! It really opened my eyes when someone said that they bought 3 lb, 5 lb, and 8lb dumbbells for boot camp, so that they could switch things up depending on what exercises they were doing.

*In case you were wondering.. I use 5-6 lb. dumbbells for front and side shoulder raises now.. It’s been a humbling experience, to say the least. ;) *

2. HIIT training and cardio-based circuit workouts are NOT the only ways for you to get a sweat on!

Following this plan, I do less cardio overall, but I sweat buckets with lifting instead! It’s hard to lift heavy with minimal rest (1-60 secs) in between sets!! Hard. :(


Your muscles get really tired, but you have to push yourself to keep going! You want to know how many times I’d talk myself through the workout saying, “Just one more set, and then you can move on to the next superset..” ?! A lotHaha :D


It’s really paying off, though, and I’m already seeing results. :D My body felt different –leaner and stronger– and I was thinking that maybe I’d lost some weight. Guess what actually happened, though? I’d put some muscle weight on instead! (probably that jar of nut butter.. 2-3 tbsp left, I’ll admit :P ) Do I care? No, because if still look the same way I did when I was a couple pounds lighter, then what does it even matter? lol! Those extra pounds actually make me look fit and healthier! It just goes to show you that being skinny isn’t always better.

..My booty’s looking pretty good, too, but no one’s really looking at that butt me. (ha, ha! puns.. ;) )

3. Instead of reaching for heavy weights/full body cardio movements all the time, try switching it up with stability exercises..

I used to do ballet, so I know how well these exercises work. They seem like nothing at all –easy even– and most people think that they really are, but only because they’ve already mastered the basics or aren’t keeping proper form. If you’re doing things right, you really feel it in the muscles they’re supposed to target! The trick is to keep your chest up and never hunch your back or bend forward– that’s cheating, because you’re supposed to be working your core, too.

Because of my experience in ballet, I’m pretty good with one legged squats and deadlifts.. Squats on a bosu?


Not so much..

I don’t think anybody’s ever thought to make someone else do a plié in a bouncy house, after all! ;)

I love this exercise, because it’s so much fun to do! Like a little kid, I imagine I’m surfing or something when I fight to keep my balance on the ball. Due to the fact that you’re trying to keep your balance as you squat down with proper form, you’re work your core, too! It’s harder than it looks, and it’s a fun twist to put to your workouts. :)

I eventually want to work my way up to using weights, but not until I’m ready, I promise! :D


That’s just 3 things I’ve learned from BBBC so far, but there’s so much more! There’s what I’ve learned about setting goals and following through with them, new exercises I’ve learned that are surprisingly tough, and anything else that comes up in the next few weeks!

I might cover those as well. We’ll see! ;)

If anyone’s thinking about signing up for the 3rd round of Best Body Bootcamp this holiday season, I’d highly recommend it! It’s a fun way to challenge yourself and mix up your fitness routine. :D

*For more information, click here to get to the FAQ page and see exactly what Best Body Bootcamp is all about!*

12 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From Best Body Boot Camp

  1. Awesome Katie! First, I love how you don’t compromise form for weight. When I start out, I typically go heavy on my first set and as I get fatigued, I will drop the weight. It’s effective! For #2, I love the pun. I literally LOL’d. ;) And lastly, I love that you focus on balance too! I did a balance post at A Dash Of Meg’s blog here: http://adashofmeg.com/2012/06/23/guest-post-balance-exercises/ so naturally I completely agree! :D You’re an awesome blogger!

    • Thank you Brit!! :D
      I just read that post you wrote for Meg, and I might have saved it.. ;) One of the workouts we did for bootcamp included hip abductors on a stability ball, and I really felt that in my booty and upper thighs!! Good stuff! Haha :D
      The workout you put down sounds like it would help me out! Like you said, there’s always room for improvement!

    • Thanks!! It’s actually not that expensive– not at all like the Fitmixer Bootcamp!
      It was only $25 for the 8 week program, and although it doesn’t come with a customized meal plan, it’s got everything that I was looking for! I’ve got kick-butt workouts ready for a good 2 months! :D

  2. +1 to you for adding a pug photo :D
    This sounds quite hard, i only go to gym to group classes and feel really shy even when using machines, i get a feeling that everyone knows i’m doing it wrong and wants to help!

    • Haha! Glad you enjoyed the pug picture. ;)
      Group classes are a lot of fun, and it’s just as good for keeping you fit and healthy! C’mon, girl! Give yourself some credit. :D
      If you DO want to start lifting someday, it would really help to get a session with a trainer to start out first! I really think it’s worth it, since they’re an amazing source of information!!

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