Liebster Blog Award–Hurray!!

Hey, everyone!! :D

Can I just start out by saying that I’ve been in absolutely the best mood lately? I’ve met so many new people through blogging, especially these past few months, and I feel like I can call so many of them my friends. Going into high school this year, knowing only a couple of people and not really having a solid “foundation” for a social life yet, it helps knowing that in addition to my friends from junior high, I have all of you, too! I don’t know if everyone else around me notices it, but I’ve been smiling a lot more than usual, and I’ve gotta be honest and say that it’s all because of you guys! :)

You give me nothing but love and encouragement, and I want you all to know how much I feel and appreciate it! You guys rock!

..Okay, enough with the mushies.. It’s time to get down to business. ;)

Brittany, the writer of Miss Fit Britt, and the taller white version of me (her exact words..) decided to nominate me for a blog award.. Crazy girl, but I’m so honored that she did! I love her, and you guys better check out her blog! She’s nothing short of kick-butt awesome :)


The Liebster Blog Award… Sounds fancy, huh?

Here’s how it works: I have to tell you 11 random facts about myself, answer 11 questions that Britt came up with, ask 11 questions of my own, then nominate 11 other blogs, too!

It’s gonna be really a long one..

Are you ready? Let’s go! :)

1. The blog name, “Goober Nut’s Life” came from my intense addiction to peanut butter/peanuts (which are also called “goober nuts”) and my undying love for Spongebob Squarepants..

I felt like it was finally time to explain myself.. ;) Haha, I’m probably gonna regret picking this name in the future, but for now I think it’s fun and unique.

2. I can solve a Rubik’s cube in a little more than a minute.

If anyone’s ever interested in seeing me do it, just let me know and I can make a video! It’s something I learned to do when I was in 6th grade, watching a tutorial on YouTube. It took me at least 5 hours to solve at first, but I’m glad I stuck with it, because it’s always a fun thing to show people!

3. I used to be obsessed with watching Filipino soap operas on TV.

‘Nuff said.

No shame, though! :P If anything, it helped me learn to speak Tagalog fluently, because despite the fact that I grew up in the Philippines, my first language is English.

But trust me, I mostly watched for the drama and romance. ;)

4. In a way, I copied my older sister by starting a blog.

She’s been blogging for years, and I guess I feel like bragging, because she’s darn good at it! She was once featured in a Filipino newsletter for her blog, 30 Before 30 Project. It was a bucket list of 30 things she wanted to do before she turned 30, and she actually accomplished all of it!

One of the things on her list was to run the New York City marathon.. (read her post! It’s old and she doesn’t check it, but it’s still a good read. ;) )

..Guess I followed her footsteps in more ways than one. :P

5. One of my friends, Jordyn, nicknamed me “Melly” because we watched Gone With the Wind together in 5th or 6th grade, and she and another friend of ours (Hope) said that I reminded them exactly of Melanie Wilkes.

melanie wilkes


Mind you, I could never really be as kind as her.

*SPOILERS–for those who care..*

If I was on my death bed, I wouldn’t want to talk to a woman who was trying to steal my husband from the moment we met, let alone tell her she could have him once I died!

But I’m honored, and it’s kind of already caught on… Practically everyone I know through Jorydn calls me “Melly” now. ;)

6. I listen to Christian music a lot, especially when I’m feeling down in the dumps.

I even listen to it while working out sometimes.

My favorite artists are Kari Jobe, Nichole Nordeman, and Francesca Battistelli.

They kind of have different styles, but they work for my different moods. All of them help to lift me up and put me in a better mood for the day, reminding me that nothing’s ever as bad as it seems when God’s at my side. I’ll probably be listening to it more when I go to high school, just because I’ll be missing religion classes and everything.. I need some kind of reminder, some push to keep me living out my faith and doing what I know God wants me to do.

7. My favorite Disney movies are Aladdin and Tangled..



It’s funny to me how I love them, and those are the only movies with Disney princesses and not any princes. I like Aladdin and Flynn Rider’s personalities, and I find that these movies are a lot more light hearted and fun! I also love how these guys changed their ways for the loves of their lives—but I’m an emotional sap like that. ;)

8. I own a Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor watch.

..But I stopped using it a couple months ago when I realized that I was getting obsessed with the number of calories I was burning per session. It made working out a lot less fun for me, what with me always checking if I was working “hard enough”.

It’s been a while since I’ve last used it, though, and I think I’ve gotten over my obsession. I took it out again to use during my workout today for Best Body Bootcamp!


It was cool to see how many calories I burned while lifting. (I did yesterday’s full body workout with 20 mins. of cardio) :)

9. I can’t date ‘til I graduate from college.. Or turn 25.

My parents drilled this into my head when I was 6 years old, and I honestly don’t mind. For now. :P

They might change their minds over the years, and they might not. I’m not to going push them, though, because I’m their last baby and I already see how hard it is on them when we talk about me driving and going to college soon. Besides, getting a boyfriend isn’t even one of my biggest concerns right now, so it’s not worth fighting over with them. I know they’re just protective because they care. :)

10. I can sing the alphabet backwards.

 I can also do so while hopping on one foot, rubbing my belly with one hand, and patting my head with the other. Weird talent, but cool story. ;)

11. I’ve never had coffee.

I’m still hoping to grow a bit, and I’m afraid that drinking it will stunt my growth. I know it’s wishful thinking, what with me being 15 already, but it’s not like I need the caffeine right now. What I need is S-L-E-E-P, SLEEP!


Now on to answer some of Britt’s questions!

1. What did you want to be more than anything when you were little?

I don’t really know.. I don’t even know what I want to have as a career now! I guess I kind of wanted to be a dancer..


But I was never really set on one thing.

2. If you could only choose one item that you could possess forever, what would it be and why?

My iPhone, because there’s an app for everything now. :P I’d have my books, music, podcasts, internet, WordPress app, GPS, camera, etc.. Basically everything that I need (besides food). Haha, it’s sad, but my phone is one of my #1 loves…

3. What’s your fruit of choice?




I love the crunch and the juiciness from a good apple. Nothing like it for me! ;)

4. What smell(s) do you despise the most?

I despise the smell of menthol rub..



Don’t ask.. Just horrible memories. *shudders*

5. What store do the majority of your clothes come from?

Ross! I dress for less! ;)

TJ Maxx comes in a close second, and third comes Forever 21.

6. What dish is your favorite at Thanksgiving?

Definitely the turkey!! I do also love it when my aunt makes roasted asparagus and green beans, though.

7. What is your favorite board game?



My friend, Jordyn, introduced it to me at her birthday party last year, and I really want to buy it for myself. I’m big on playing board games with friends, and I’ve actually really been wanting to try out Quelf, ever since Courtney talked about it on her blog.. Sounds like a blast! :D

8. Since the Olympics are on, what is your favorite event to watch?

Ohh.. I can’t possibly choose just one! Haha, I’ve been obsessed with watching gymnastics, swimming, water polo (BETH. I’m actually getting really obsessed!), diving, and track! I’m also waiting for weightlifting to get some time on air!

9. What is your favorite strength training exercise and why?


I love squats. Jump squats, sumo squats, you name it! ;) I could squat all day!

(Not really…)

10. What was or is your favorite subject in school?

Math and/or Social Studies. I’m really good with numbers (we’ll see if that lasts through high school with Algebra II and Trig, though!), but I also love learning about historic and current events!

11. What came first: the chicken or the egg?

It was totally the egg! A bird doesn’t just pop out of nowhere!!! :P


Now it’s time for ME to ask some questions! :D

1. Did you ever watch Disney movies when you were younger? If so, who’s your favorite character?

2. Where did you grow up?

3. What’s your favorite fast food chain?

4. Do you ever sing in the shower?

5. What’s your favorite breakfast food?

6. How much water do you drink a day?

7. What movie/show can you watch over and over again and never get tired of watching?

8. As a kid, what did you dress up for on Halloween? Do you still dress up?

9. Do you have any magazine subscriptions? If so, please share. ;)

10. Who’s your role model?

11. Nike, Reebok, or Adidas?


And now for my nominations.. :D I nominate:

Sarah @ Ingredients of a Fit Chick

Sonea @ Lots ‘bout Nothin’ (whenever she gets back from vaca ;) )

Christy @ Lift to Run

Katie @ Healthy Diva Eats

Elizabete @ MelodyFairitale

Courtney @ The Petite Athleat

Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries

Tiare @ Tiare Fitness

Amy @ Willingly Be

Carrie @ This Fit Chick

Danielle @ Fit Girl Fab


I totally understand if you guys don’t want to do this.. It’s a lot of writing! I just wanted you guys to know that you rock my socks off! ;)

*If you guys want to answer some of the questions, go ahead! Knock yourselves out and have fun!*

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13 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award–Hurray!!

  1. Hey thanks what you said about me my shorter Filipino self! You are too awesome. I am glad this let me learn more about you! And dude you are so right–the egg TOTALLY cam before!

  2. Wooo! I’m tagged. Gives me something to do now. (:

    I didn’t even know you had a sister. That’s awesome. That’s even cooler that she did a bucket list of things to do before turning thirty.

    And I love this post. :D

    • Haha, thank you! I’m glad you liked it! :D
      I CANNOT wait to read your post!! I’m gonna love learning random things about you, just because you’re already such a cool person! Haha, I can’t say this enough! I LOVED your vlog! ;)

    • Aww, thank you Alex!! I want you to know how all of your comments really make my day! :)
      I’m also really glad I found YOUR blog when you commented! You’re an inspiration and you show me that there’s really no excuse for me NOT to eat healthy, what with me not having any food allergies or intolerances! ;)
      It’s people like you who make this community so special, and it makes me happy to be a part of it!! :D

  3. I love these posts! They’re so much fun :) Can I just say I was OBSESSED with spongebob? For, like, a lot longer than was acceptable to be obsessed with it. I still think its absolutely hilarious. And PROPS to you for not drinking coffee and knowing loads of caffeine isn’t good for you at such a young age. Don’t get me wrong, coffee is delicious, and I now can enjoy it moderation but it was no fun going through undergrad with a raging caffeine addiction (6-8 cups a day? I don’t even want to know what that was doing to my body) And I SO want to see a video of the rubiks cube! So glad to have found your blog sweet girl!

    • Haha, thank you! :)
      Spongebob is pretty awesome.. I still flip to channels that show it when it’s on, because I love it too much not to watch. ;)
      Coffee.. I’m not gonna lie– I really want to try drinking it, but I’m really just holding off for that superficial reason.. Haha, I want to grow!! :P
      I’m glad you said that about the Rubik’s cube! Haha, will get to work on that soon. ;)
      I’m so happy I found your blog, too! You seem really awesome, and I want your life when I’m older!! :D

  4. I apologize for not getting back to you! I’ve been so so busy! You are so sweet though, and thank you so much for the nomination. When I have more free time, I will definitely be doing this! Btw Aladdin is my favorite too, and I also love Christian music! Hillsong is my favorite :) .. I am also obsessed with my heart rate monitor, but I entered a competition (It’s on August 25th) and after the competition I am going to give the thing a break ! You’re awesome!!! God Bless <3

    • Aw, it’s okay!! I totally understand! :)
      Good luck on your competition, I wish you nothing but the best! <3
      Also, it's always nice to meet a fellow Aladdin lover. ;)
      Haha, have an awesome weekend!! God bless you, too!

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